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1 MONTH Supply of Our Toothpowder! It’s the Fastest Way to Rebuild Your Enamel, and Prevent Cavities.
Here's a Proven-Effective Way to Boost the Strength and Health of Your Teeth and Gums so there are FEWER Toothaches, FEWER Cavities, & FEWER Trips to the Dentist!
Here's a Proven-Effective Way to Boost the Strength and Health of Your Teeth and Gums so there are FEWER Toothaches, FEWER Cavities, & FEWER Trips to the Dentist!
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If you're having problems with your teeth, or are worried about your children having problems with their teeth, even if you just want to PREVENT problems in the first place... then you're about to be extremely happy.

That's because... 
I've Discovered An All-Natural Way To
Rebuild And Strengthen
The Mineral-Rich Protective Barrier Of Your Teeth... Known As Enamel.
That's right, your teeth have a hard enamel exterior that's made of minerals like calcium, sodium, and magnesium. The minerals in your enamel work to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

The problem is... foods, medication, drinks, and other chemicals can eat away at the minerals in the enamel... breaking down and eroding the protective barrier it provides.

Once minerals are taken out of the weakened enamel that was protecting your teeth, cavities, tooth decay, and other painful problems with your teeth or gums happen. And a trip to the dentist is usually in order.

To enjoy the strongest, healthiest teeth you and your kids can have... why not add minerals onto your teeth where they belong? You can, and I'll show you how.

That's right, you can give your teeth the minerals that have been taken out so you can strengthen and heal the protective barrier.
You Will Have Less
Cavities, Toothaches, And Decay!
Even if you or your kids don't have problems with your teeth now... when your teeth absorb the minerals present in your mouth... 

Your enamel will get stronger and protect your teeth from future decay.

This way, your teeth last longer and you have less problems. This means less expensive trips to the dentist, too.
Here's What REAL People Say:
Heather said. "In the past I had a ton of plaque. Now my dentist is baffled by the fact I can skip my 6 month cleaning and put me off for even a yearly cleaning. My gingivitis went from 3s and 4s to 1s for every tooth. I haven't had a single cavity since.”*
Jessica says, "My mouth feels clean, not chemical. My husband recently went to see our dentist and she told him his gingivitis was gone and his teeth had less buildup.*
Theresa says “I went to the dentist and they said I had six cavities. I had to go back to get a root canal. When I went back, they said, You have one small cavity.”*
Here's Why This Works So Well:
Losing minerals in your enamel is bad for your teeth and causes decay and cavities.

But like I said, you can add minerals back to your teeth, so you rebuild and strengthen the protective layer of enamel on teeth. When you rebuild damaged enamel... you improve the health and stability of the teeth.

You also protect teeth from decay, cavities, and other issues that COULD send you to the dentist!
Store Bought Toothpaste Is
NOT The Best Protection!
I'm shocked at some of the toxic ingredients in commercial toothpastes. To make matters worse, most of them have no minerals that can help rebuild enamel.

The best way to replace lost minerals in your enamel, in order to rebuild the protective layer that prevents painful decay, is by using minerals that make contact with your teeth!  

Our toothpowder contains 3 organic natural clays known to restore and strengthen the enamel on your teeth. 

By using mineral-rich powder, you can get minerals back into your tooth's enamel, rebuilding this protective barrier.

I have personal experience with this exact thing.

When my daughter was 2, she had a defective molar. The dentist said she'd need a temporary filling. Even then, the dentists said the tooth would last six months to a year.

After doing research on dental health and learning what teeth are made of, I created a natural way to help her rebuild and strengthen her tooth, so she wouldn't lose it early.

All by having her brush with specific minerals, she was able to SAVE that molar.
Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder!
I created Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder to help my daughter save her tooth.

It's THE only tooth powder that gives your teeth the minerals needed to remineralize and reverse cavities. When it worked, I realized I could help a lot of other people out.
Just from using Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder, my daughter STILL has that tooth five years AFTER the dentist said she'd lose it!
That's right, she's now 7 years old and still has the molar they said she would lose!

Thankfully, Dirty Mouth Powder contains the right minerals for strengthening teeth, improving dental health, and repairing damaged enamel on your teeth in a natural way*.

This powder contains minerals that you don't get from food or from toothpaste. But now you can get these minerals by brushing your teeth directly with them.

You can use it to rebuild enamel, strengthen your teeth and your kids teeth, and improve overall dental health naturally. You can prevent and reverse cavities, decay, gum disease, and teeth falling out... meaning less trips to the dentist!
Try Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder Now…
If you're truly serious about protecting your kids teeth, or your own teeth... if you're sick of relying on store bought toothpastes with high levels of fluoride that's a KNOWN toxin to kids...go ahead and try Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder.

Unlike fluoride in commercial toothpastes that's TOXIC... ingesting small quantities of tooth powder isn't harmful. Dirty Mouth helps to keep harmful toxins away from kids.

Try Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder to see the difference it makes for you and your kids teeth and overall dental health. You'll get the most protection from cavities and tooth decay.
You and your kids can have cleaner, stronger, healthier teeth and gums WHILE you save money on trips to the dentist*. Use Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder and you'll feel like you've had dentist-cleaned teeth.

Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder also may help whiten your teeth because the mineral-rich powder removes dirt and stains. It's true, the clays remove oils, toxic substances and impurities from your teeth so you get a whiter, brighter, healthier smile!
It Cleans And Whitens, While Strengthening!
Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder can help remove plaque so you can enjoy professional cleaning results at home!

And it's so simple to use. Put a little bit of powder on your toothbrush or dip your wet toothbrush into the powder and brush your teeth for 2 minutes. You've just given your teeth the minerals needed to get healthy and rebuild that important protective barrier.

You don't need a ton of powder to get the cleaning and remineralization. This means it lasts a long time and goes a long way... saving you money.

With Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder, your kids have a natural, mineral-rich way to brush, clean, and protect their teeth, while getting the minerals needed to REBUILD enamel.

I encourage you to try it to see the difference it can make for your teeth and your kids.
I know you work hard for your money. That's why I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Take 30 days to try Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder today.

If, for any reason, you're not 100% delighted with it... if you don’t get the feeling like your teeth were just professionally cleaned at the dentist, let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund all your money. No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple.*

If you want cleaner, stronger, healthier teeth and gums for you and your kids...Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder will clean your teeth and provide you with the minerals your teeth need to help rebuild that protective enamel barrier around your teeth.
Order Today And We'll Ship It To You FAST!
Since I know how effective this is, I'd love to give you a special discount so you can try it and see for yourself just how powerful it is.

So, you have this one time to grab it just for the shipping cost of $7.95. You'll never be able to grab it for this low of a price again, I assure you.

Bottom line... you CAN strengthen and heal your teeth by brushing with mineral-rich Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder. Make sure you have plenty on hand when you need it, and save money in the process. Click the button below to get Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder!

**We cannot offer a refund on the cost of Shipping and Handling.

*results may not be typical. “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.”
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Copyright © 2016 Primal Life Organics. 
All Rights Reserved